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SRL Advice Column:
1 Blog title:
Help I am having trouble [PROBLEM] in my [COURSENAME] course
2 Blog content:
Dear XXX
I think you should try this.[Detailed description of the strategy or SRL solution]
It should work because [Connect it to research and course concepts and SRL]
This is what happened when I tried it.[Demonstrated use and report of the outcomes of using the strategy or SRL solution]
3 Attachment
An example or annotated example of YOU trying the strategy (could be an image scan link etc).
Task: Optimizing Working Memory – Finding your mnemonic strategy
1.Choose something you need to remember: In one of your courses choose something that is challenging for you to remember and that youreallyneed to know. Typically these are foundational networks concepts terms steps sequences that you just have to know and be able to recall in order to use them in any way
2.Review the Mnemonic strategies in the strategy library
3.Pick one you think will work for you
4.Create a mnemonic
5.Share and discuss as a class
6.Test it out this week and then add it to your SRL Advice Column
Challenge for me: remember 9 steps in cost and benefit analysis in ECON 416
1.Specify the portfolio of alternative projects
2.Define the referent group
3.Catalogue potential impacts and select measurement indicators
4.Predict quantitative impacts over the life of the project
5.Monetize all impacts
6.Discount all costs and benefits and calculate the net present value (NPV)
7.Identify the distribution of costs and benefits
8.Perform sensitivity testing
9.Make a recommendation

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