Theories of Justice

Part 1 :  How do the theories of justice influence health care policy?
In the ongoing health care debate, there are various theories of justice that are applied and are the basis for health care policies in the United States and other countries. For this discussion, please refer to your text and other professional sources to define the theories of egalitarianism, utilitarianism, and libertarianism and relate them to the countries in which they are used to influence health care policy. Discuss which of these theories seems to apply to health care in the United States, and what you feel the ideal choice or choices of these theories would best help solve the health care access dilemma in this country. (at least 550 words)

Part 2: Ask a question(discussion) regarding the topic you wrote about above to other students : Add a description that helps explain and add context to your question (at least 120 words)

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