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I need a Research Project Include all of the following elements in my proposal. Due Wednesday, 4/8. Title:Tentative project title. Abstract:[100-200 words] Summarize what your research project will entail. Describe the topic, what you specifically intend to research about it, and what you hope to find. Research Question:What is the main question you will answer in your project? Significance: [1 paragraph] Describe why your research question is significant. Why should the reader care? What does this tell us about anything that matters? Research Plan:[1-2 paragraphs] Describe how you plan to answer your research question and what the final project will consist of. How will you conduct the research? Where will you look for sources? Outline:Provide a possible outline that shows what your final paper might look like. You in no way have to stick to this, but it provides a potential framework for you to follow. Sources:List at least 4 sources you will use in your project, formatted in bibliographic entries. After each entry, explain why the source is useful to your topic. As you see the details below I have my proposal approval already and the TOPIC will be Security Challenges of Cloud Computing and now I need to do a Rough Draft at least 6 pages( By Wednesday April 8, 2015) and then I have to finish a research paper with 12 pages by April 30, 2105. Title Security Challenges of Cloud Computing Abstract Cloud computing is the buzzword today. From individuals to small and medium scale enterprises to even large corporations are beginning to realize the potential of cloud computing. This is because, cloud computing allows for cost-effective computing, makes it possible to skip major IT infrastructure investments and is also a modern way of computing. However, theres also another side to cloud computing apart from all the potential benefits it offers. As the shape of cloud computing is evolving both conceptually and practically, challenges related to contractual arrangements of cloud computing, its service quality, interoperability, security and privacy issues are beginning to crop up. Among all, the issues related to security and privacy are the most significant of all. This is because when an organization makes use of cloud computing services they entrust their sensitive data and critical operations to a third party provider. A security incident can disrupt their business services and data causing significant damages to the organization. These service providers tend to have servers which are both geographically dispersed and in remote locations. As a result of this arrangement, there are various factors which could compromise both the data and cripple the organization of their operations if security is not consistent and robust. These security issues are still often overlooked because the benefits are seemingly far too lucrative. This paper will provide a detailed analysis of cloud computing issues related to security and privacy. Research Question In this research paper, I will try to answer whether or not the modern cloud computing still has the security challenges which are relevant today and if it does then its significance on an organization along with a detailed analysis. Significance IT services are increasingly becoming cloud oriented. A few years ago, rarely people made use of file storage services such as Dropbox and One Drive or made use of many different web based applications, but today they are integrated among lives of individuals as well as day to day operations of organizations. As a result of this trend, many different cloud computing service providers are coming up. Some of them are backed by large and well established corporations but a vast majority is still dominated by newcomers. Its important for people to be aware of the security challenges both inherited in cloud computing as well as those which are augmented by service providers who fail to integrate robust security into their cloud computing platform. Research plan I will be looking into recent major security incidents of the cloud computing industry and present an analysis of it to make the readers of my paper aware of its significance. Along with this, I will also look into the research papers that specifically talk about security challenges of cloud computing and use that to present my own analysis of the issues in cloud computing. Outline Abstract – The abstract of the research paper. Introduction – This will introduce the topic to the readers. Cloud Computing Infrastructure – In this, I will talk about what makes the cloud computing a cloud computing. I will talk about the architecture, the different types of cloud available, service models among other things. Security Challenges – This will be the main part of the research paper, where the major question is anwered. In this, I will present my findings on the security challenges associated with cloud computing. It will include inherent or traditional issues, risks, threats, types of attackers etc This will be the bulk of the paper. Conclusion – I will present my conclusion to the research here. Sources – It will be useful in explaining the architecture of cloud computing – Its an indepdent news and analysis source that lists all major cloud computing incidents throughout the world. – Lists down various security issues in cloud computing – Presents a statistical analysis of cloud computing issues as well as the most prone providers. ATTENTION HERE BEFORE STARTS THE RESEARCH PAPER. The Research paper will need to follow some requirements as described below: THESIS Strong, specific, provable. EVIDENCE All arguments supported with relevant and specific examples, quotes fully explained. ANALYSIS Insightful points, no questions left hanging (thorough analysis), good balance of analysis to description. STRUCTURE Clearly organized, easy to follow arguments and analysis, strong introduction and conclusion. REQUIREMENTS Fulfills paper prompt, proper length, citations, and formatting. Also additional Sources will be sent to you so can have more Information about this Topic. The Files are attached below with additional sources to finish this paper.

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