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Question 15-2 Cemeteries are filled with projects that went out of control. Below are several causes that can easily develop into out-of-control conditions. In which phase of a project should each of these conditions be detected and, if possible, remedied? a) Customers requirements not understood b) Project team formed after bid was prepared c) Accepting unusual terms and conditions d) Permitting a grace period for changing specifications e) Lack of time to research specifications f) Overestimation of companys capabilitiesPage 1096 Questions 1) Was Janet correct in the comments she made to the plant representatives? 2) Was Janet correct in the comments she made to the IT team members? 3) Is it always better on IT projects to make changes using enhancements projects or should we allow changes to be made as we go along? 4) What is your best guess on what happened?from the textbook Harold Kerzner project management
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