Linking Question and Methodology

Topic: Evaluating the Power of Supply Chain Operations Management on Organisational Performance and Competitiveness in Indian Diary Industry. Designing a research project proposal is like building a machine all major parts need to work together to achieve an intended result. There is a logical progression from research question to methodology to methods, and the decisions you make in this progression should be consistent with your epistemological perspective or paradigm. Additionally, you should select a methodology that will allow you to answer your question. For example, if your research question has to do with understanding a complex social phenomenon in your organisation and you believe that a constructivist paradigm will help you gain more in-depth and descriptive results, then a qualitatively oriented methodology may be more appropriate than a quantitative approach. For this Shared Activity, you will share your draft research question and discuss methodologies that could be used to answer the research questions posed by you and your colleagues. You should take this opportunity to give and receive feedback on research questions posed as well as the methodologies that could be used most effectively to address your questions. This Shared Activity will help you prepare for the Individual Assignment in the next unit, in which you will submit a draft of your proposals methodology section for feedback from your Faculty Member. To prepare for this Shared Activity: Read Unit 3, Chapter 3, assigned reading. Draft two or three research questions you might pursue for your Management Research Project and some initial thoughts about research methodologies you might use to answer these questions. To complete this Shared Activity: Post your research questions and describe why you believe these are appropriate as research questions for your topic. Include your thoughts on the following questions: o Why did you choose these questions? o How will these questions allow you to address your research topic? Are the questions of sufficient scope to cover the topic? o Are these questions researchable? Are they sufficiently focused to guide a feasible research study? Propose some initial thoughts concerning the research methodologies you might use to answer these questions, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. Be sure to include references to all sources in Harvard Referencing Style.

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