Exploring the ideas of Gandhi, MLK, Malcolm X, the manifestos, and various reggae artists: pick two contexts (from above) and argue whether anti-racism, anti-colonialism, or anti-capitalism (or something else) was the driving idea of those non-violent movements? And were they successful? The key here is to make a nuanced argument that recognizes both the similarities and differences in these movements, and defend that argument using resources from the class.

The expectation is for you to cite (and quote) specific excerpts from the readings and cite them in the formulation of your ideas (more the better). You are to write around 1000-1750 words. Cite using MLA

Grades: Formal presentation papers (15 point scale)

            Clarity of argument (ie. Thesis) [3 points]

            Defense of argument (use of texts, resources to support arguments) [9 pts]

            Grammar/Style (i.e. dont write a piece of crap, make it good) [3 pts]


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