English 49

1.Identify anactual positionyou would like to holdby searching various online employment websites such as indeed.com careerbuilder.com monster.com and print thejob description.Prepare aReverse Chronological ResumeAND aVisual Resumeusing a resume template.Your resume should include contact information education work experience a personal section combining awards skills and/or activities relevant to job experience and references.Suggested page length is 1-2 pages.
2.Compose anApplication Letterthat complements your resume.Your letter should explain how your credentials fit the particular job for which you are applying and convey a sufficiently informed professional and likable persona for the prospective employer to decide that you should be interviewed.Highlight specific qualifications or skills as well.Suggested page length is 1-2 pages.
3.Createa Follow-Up Letter.Your letter should thank the interviewer reemphasize your interest in the position and hypothetically include an aspect of your visit that would help the recipient reconnect with the interview experience. Finally your letter should close with genuine enthusiasm and provide your contact information again to make it easy for the interviewer to respond.Suggested page length is half a page.
4.Design a LinkedIn Profile.Your profile should have the following: a professional photo Headline Summary Education Experience list of relevant courseworkJob ExperienceClubs and Organizations Certifications (if any) and should have connections and causes.
Submission Guidelines
-All items should be in Times New Roman 12pt. font 1 margins.

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